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As individuals, we often feel helpless and ask, “What can I possibly do to help the situation get better?” You can find the answer in the actions you take. Your commitment and contribution make a difference in bringing change, peace, and security to Nigeria.

Together, let’s build awareness through social media and give to those who bring change. Let’s raise our voices within our communities to share our message with our religious circles, political leaders, friends, and family. Let’s build our network within our faith communities, strengthen ourselves and others with knowledge, and work to bring about a lasting solution to Nigeria.

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Your donation helps us fulfill our mission to create a community where the rule of law guides every facet of societal interactions in Nigeria. Your financial gift helps us achieve our purpose to promote human dignity, the right to live, religious freedom, and the protection of the vulnerable against all forms of persecution. 

Will you join us in our mission?

Be an Advocate

Engage with your family, friends, church, and local community. 

Join our community on social media to learn about current issues, share our message with others, and help us build awareness and connections.

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Raise Your Voice

Write to your United States Government representative to share with them
why Nigeria needs our help and why we must bring about a lasting solution.

Give Hope to Nigeria 

As Nigeria continues to suffer from an ongoing slaughter of innocent lives, we look back in sorrow, but we know that there is hope. The past cannot be forgotten. The future is full of promise. Give Hope!

Stop the Genocide in Nigeria

Nigeria is a largely failed state and a regional epicenter for terrorism and religious persecution of Christians and at-risk non-Muslim minorities. Help stop the silent slaughter!

Rural Watch Makes a Difference

As Nigeria continues to suffer from an ongoing slaughter of innocent lives, we are fortunate to partner with Rural Watch as they provide solid research and reports.
ICON is raising support for Rural Watch to help them “watch and report.” Since they are only registered with the Nigerian government, ICON was asked to help.